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Montrose Collective: Office Building With Retail At 888 Westheimer Rd.


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45 minutes ago, midtowndweller said:

You can see this one from Kroger. Is there a way we can make a poll to see what’s everyone’s favorite development in Houston right now? This one is mine. POST, The Allen, Regent, Hanover Square, MKT, and La Colombe are all some of my favorites.7aXt54k.jpg


Create a new topic.  Ask that posters include a map, link or pictures so we all can see what they are talking about.  Probably could just link to a HAIF topic since we've got almost everything covered here.

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18 hours ago, hindesky said:

Working on Sunday



Look at that beautiful deep blue Texas sky over Houston.  Incredible.  I hope we can have many more beautiful skies like this for a while longer.  It's one of the very few positive effects of the pandemic and mainly due to the various quarantines and shutdowns in the past year.  In fact, I just read and article last week (NYT's or WaPo ?) that around the world, emissions are currently at 1990 levels in the large cities of the world, which is amazing.  I plan to be outside (distanced or away from any people) and enjoy it while it lasts.


In the meantime, this project seems to be moving a bit faster now and getting more exciting with each passing week of construction.  Houston is a powerhouse when it comes to getting almost impossible things done that others would scoff at during a recession and pandemic, even a major hurricane.


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Radom does small better than just about any other Houston developer, but new development in Houston cannot be truly small. This project shows the limit - designed to fit into the texture of the neighborhood, it nonetheless looms above it. Only if you are repurposing older buildings is small possible. Not sure if it's because of our building codes or parking demands or the economics of it or some combination of the three, but when they dig up Houston a few millennia from now, they are going to think that sometime around 1990 people went from averaging 5'10" 170 lbs to 7'0" 250 lbs.


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  • The title was changed to Montrose Collective: Office Building With Retail At 888 Westheimer Rd.

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