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West Loop Medical: 9-Story Medical Office At 6400 West Loop S.


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32 minutes ago, AREJAY said:

It looks like its on the small empty area between Bissonnet and the ATT building. You can see the ATT building next to it in the render. 


Correct.  I work in the 6330 W Loop S building.  This will be about a block from Charlies BBQ.  More restaurant options for this area hopefully.

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Incredible how much of that building is going to parking.  About a third of the first floor, half of the second floor, most of the third through fifth floors, and all of the sixth and seventh floors.  Only the eighth and ninth floors don't have parking.  Still, looks like it should be a good use of that lot.

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Proposed Development – Bissonnet @ Loop 610



On September 30, 2019, the Development Services Department received two applications from Identity Architects, on behalf of Atilla Tuna of Bissonnet Street Ventures, LLC, regarding the 1.99-acre property located on the southwest corner of Loop 610 and Bissonnet, next to the AT&T building.


The first application is for a Planned Development Amendment to remove the property from its current designation of PD-10. View the original ordinance here.  With the approval of this request, the parcel of land would then revert back to its underlying zoning district of Loop 610. This is the southwest corner at Bissonnet & 610 by AT&T – with all the oak trees that had red ties around them.


The new development has been marketed online for sometime. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/6400-West-Loop-South-Houston-TX/16588582/



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At the November 14, 2019, Planning and Zoning Workshop a representative from Identity Architects described some preliminary plans for a proposed planned development at Bissonnet and 610 next to the AT&T building, part of the Loop 610 District.


He described an office building with a height of 160 feet (approximately 14 to 16 stories) on about 2 acres that would include a mix of retail, restaurants, offices and parking.  Here’s the crux of this proposal.  The Planned Development use in the Loop 610 District calls for a maximum height of 6 stories, on a minimum lot size of 4 acres.  And no retail.

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Interesting paragraph in the link to the Bellaire Civic Club website:


"Old time Bellaire residents recall that part of the 1975 agreement with Prudential Insurance, the original owner of the AT&T building, included a promise to provide a parkland area at the corner of Bissonnet and Loop 610.  However the document or documents, if any, and the site development plans regarding any agreement, seem to have been misfiled or lost.  View the original Prudential Insurance ordinance here."


Maybe I watch too much tv, but that's got some House of Cards scheming going on to make those documents "disappear".

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  • The title was changed to West Loop Medical: 9-Story Medical Office At 6400 West Loop S.

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