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AuraFifty2 North & South: Multifamily Buildings For The 5200 Block Of Nolda


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18 minutes ago, Urbannizer said:

Two multifamily building are proposed for the 5200 Block of Nolda by Trinsic Residential Group. 350 units, 4Q 2019 Start - Q4 2021 completion.


Site for south building:




Site for north building:




Info comes from a construction database website.


If you look on the most recent version of google maps you will see that the building that was on the "north" site has been demolished.

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Now on the HAIF Development Map under the layer "On The Market & Rumors" until we get an official press release of some kind. For any updates on the status of this project. Please DM me.

Things to keep an eye on include (but not limited to):

-updated renders (will be adding pics to all projects later)
-project name changes

-changes in use or additions of uses

-changes in number of stories

-changes to Developer or additional Developers

-changes to Architect or additional Architects/Designers

-announcements or changes to construction dates / finish dates

If any of the above is missing in the project info already then please assist clarifying any missing info to me.

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