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Change Happens! wants to move the bungalows to lower-priced lots elsewhere in the city and team up with the NHP Foundation, a Washington nonprofit that develops and protects affordable housing, to construct 70 units of senior citizen housing. The foundation is teaming up with another community development corporation to build 160 units for Third Ward families, said Neal Drobenare, a senior vice president at the NHP Foundation.



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On 7/8/2019 at 3:50 PM, cspwal said:

Looks like it's at the corner of church and church


The article that @Urbannizer posted describes the company as a “faith-based community development corporation.” It looks to be affiliated with Trinity East Methodist Church, the church immediately to the northwest.


I wonder whether the fact that it’s “faith-based” carries any significance. If so, would there be tax considerations involved?  


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Now on the HAIF Development Map under the layer "Proposed". For any updates on the status of this project. Please DM me.

Things to keep an eye on include (but not limited to):

-updated renders (will be adding pics to all projects later)
-project name changes

-changes in use or additions of uses

-changes in number of stories

-changes to Developer or additional Developers

-changes to Architect or additional Architects/Designers

-announcements or changes to construction dates / finish dates


If any of the above is missing in the project info already then please assist clarifying any missing info to me.

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  • The title was changed to Affordable Housing Mid-Rise At 2500 McGowen St.

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