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From Ramona Davis, GHPA Executive Director:

Support Team Tarp: A modest gift can make a big difference

Greater Houston Preservation Alliance is pleased to support Team Tarp, a program providing timely, practical relief to the owners of historic houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina. GHPA has contributed to this project and encourages its members to consider making a tax-deductible donation to Team Tarp during the holiday season.

A joint project of the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans and the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Team Tarp provides free tarps to homeowners in need. With a tax-deductible gift of as little as $26.86, the cost of a 15’ x 30’ tarp, you can help save thousands of dollars in clean-up and repair costs for a returning family.

Why are tarps so critical? Thousands of New Orleans' historic homes are structurally sound, but have sustained wind and flood damage. Repair costs for many homeowners may be modest now, but if damaged roofs remain uncovered, rain and moisture will cause repair bills to rise dramatically and render more homes uninhabitable. With waits for home repair contractors stretching for weeks, if not months, the threat of losing homes is very real.

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This makes no sense whatsoever. FEMA distributes and installs "blue roofs", those huge roof covering tarps, free of charge. Why does this group need to collect money to do something that is already provided for free?

uh....because FEMA's "doing it"? :wacko:

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