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Man, at first I thought it was a high end dorm that Rice decided to build in the middle of the museum district for the kids wanting an off campus experience.

But now I think I love it? The glass is great, its somehow mostly ALL brick (who does that anymore), the brickwork above "boone manor" has all this detailing, and the tile is a very nice accent. My only thing is I wish the brick was a bit more grey. Had my doubts, but this is coming out real nice (I think? I'm no architecture guru). 

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20 hours ago, editor said:

Kinda like Soviet starkness meets 90's yuppy.  Dark green faux marble and gold accents.  Trés The Only Way is Essex.

That to me looks like actual green marble. The giveaway is the break in the middle for the joints which indicates its two different slabs of marble. If it was faux they wouldn't bother to do that. Looks like white marble floors as well. The fixtures actually look like brass instead of gold. I don't know the exterior is going for a very toned down classical look, and so the interior is just mimicking that. Not every lobby needs to be like what we see today which in my opinion are a bit overblown for what their apartments are. Most apartments go for the grand lobby just to sell units not really for the building itself or the people that will live there.

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16 minutes ago, BJForever69 said:

anyone know who the GC is? And how many units and how many floors?

Lobby is pretty ugly.....

As far as I know Allen Harrison Companies does their own construction.



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  • The title was changed to Boone Manor: Multifamily For The Museum District
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11 minutes ago, X.R. said:

Wanna give an update: Its open and I'm assuming its gaining tenants because there are U-Haul's and furniture trucks in the streets every weekend.

So there was a lot of moaning by the neighborhood about this project but I gotta say that its kind of developed into a neighborhood hub for foot traffic. I think its the extensive landscaping and the large sidewalks and copious amounts of healthy grass. Just a ton of dog walkers [the poop bag stations are constantly busy] during the day and joggers and older people walking at night assumedly because of how well lit the area is compared to other streets. Oakdale and Prospect streets were mostly empty pre-Boone, now you have kids riding scooters on the sidewalks on both streets. Its been an interesting mini-social experiment to watch. The net-impact on the neighborhood so far has been nice, in my opinion.


You’ll see me pulling my son in a wagon along the sidewalk on Crawford as we head back from Hermann Park on some evenings.

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  • The title was changed to Boone Manor: Multifamily At 5350 Crawford St.

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