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Rodeo Museum of Houston?

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I started topic to see if perhaps a RODEO Rodeo Museum might be in the works.....seems like RodeoHouston seems to have beaucoup money and influence to get a museum started. One has to wonder where all the fancy belt buckles and saddles go when those who won them have tired of them. Plus,a museum that doubles as a tourist attraction would seem a PR machine in perpetuity. 


On the more more shallow side, residents of many years ( like moi) who have lots of family come ( who expect to be shown Houston’s cultural side as well as entertainment side) that family sometimes gets bored :( (remember I prefaced by using the word shallow. ) by being shown same museums year after year-sigh


Then of course a Rodeo museum might be opportunity to save an historic building........perhaps such as building in the 3700 block of Fannin....always being renovated but never really being used. Or if I were thinking big theKirby Mansion would have made a lovely museum of any sort.

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