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Near Third Ward Fixture St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School is Closing

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From Houston Public Media:


After 77 Years In Greater Third Ward, St. Peter The Apostle Catholic School Will Close This Week

Students and teachers say what’s hardest about losing St. Peter’s is the service it provided to primarily African American students for decades.

...at the end of the month, students will say their prayers here one last time. It won’t just be the end of the school year. It will be the end of St. Peter’s — the Catholic school is closing after 77 years.


It’s a painful goodbye for many families with ties to the school that’s nestled between the Texas Medical Center and Martin Luther King Boulevard.

...So for the Archdiocese of Houston Galveston to close St Peter’s, Huger is still coming to grips with the decision.


“I still do not understand why numbers are more important than success. I don’t understand that,” she said.

The superintendent over the archdiocese’s schools, Debra Haney, said that a lot of the decision came down to financial pressure. It’s also a reflection of the toll that charter schools have put on not just public schools, but also parochial schools like St. Peter’s.

“The decision to close St. Peter’s came through a lot of research and prayer and thought,” Haney said. “Primarily, it became a financial issue.”

She said that over the last five years, enrollment has declined by more than 70%. Tuition brings in between $1,000 and $3,000 per student. Donations and subsidies from the archdiocese help, and about a third of the parish budget supports the school. But Haney said it wasn’t enough sustain the $1 million budget.

“To continue to be able to afford to keep the school open was becoming an impossibility,” Haney said.

...The archdiocese
may reopen the campus as a career and technical high school. The superintendent said that idea is still in the research phase, but they are consulting with local business leaders and looking to a high school in Philadelphia that’s the only co-ed Catholic vocational high school in the country, so far.

More: https://www.houstonpublicmedia.org/articles/news/in-depth/2019/05/29/334778/after-77-years-in-greater-third-ward-st-peter-the-apostle-catholic-school-will-close-this-week/

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