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Hilton Hotel Parking Garage Fire In Downtown

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Turns out the fire was a car in the Hilton's parking garage I was notified by a friend working @ St Joseph's Hospital, could hear the fire sirens on the fire trucks headed to it while at my pool at my condo.



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The Chronicle and ABC13 are reporting that it started with a car fire, but from the photos of the damage it looks to me like that equipment next to the car (generator or electrical box) probably started on fire first, and then it may have spread to the cars, as KPRC2 reported.  Strange that both seem equally certain about their contradictory reporting, though.

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Nothing like seeing this while closing in from the north with a passenger who is among the I Never Drive Downtown It Scares Me people (who calmly navigates Woodway just outside the Loop daily), who then suddenly points at exits two lanes directly abeam and hollers "get off here - everybody's stopped" when it's just the usual Dallas Dip slowdown. :ph34r:🤠

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