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HAIF Notes May 2019


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Hi HAIFers,


I've been doing work mostly behind-the-scenes lately.  But since today I reorganized some of the fora, I thought it worth mentioning.


With Houston's rapid geographic expansion, the old neighborhood categories weren't working anymore.  So for now I've put this together:


- Inside the Loop: Discussions about places inside the 610 loop.

- Outside the Loop: Discussions about places outside the 610 loop, but within the Grand Parkway.

- Houston Metro - Discussions about places outside the Grand Parkway, but still within the Houston metropolitan area.

- Farther Afield - Places outside the Houston metropolitan area.


I consider this a temporary fix while we work out something better.  The reason I consider it temporary is because while at first glance it appears to make sense, it lumps places like The Woodlands and Alvin into the same category, which doesn't make sense.


I'm going to try to work out some kind of radial system, with The Loop as its own place still, then directions like North, Northwest, South, Southeast, etc... But I want to refine that before I go making things any messier.


One sad note:  When I was moving things around, I accidentally killed the Woodlands, Kindwood, and Northern Pines heading.  The messages aren't gone; they landed in the Other Houston Neighborhoods area, so I'll have to move them back to their new homes when the new categories get sorted out.  Sorry about that.


If you have any thoughts on whether a radial distribution of sections makes any sense, let me know.

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21 hours ago, CrockpotandGravel said:

I don't think there was anything wrong with the old neighborhoods forums. The only thing that needs adjusting is the adding of more forums for neighborhoods. .

You could put a forum for Inside the Loop and in that forum, sub forums for Downtown, The Heights, Montrose, EaDo, East End, Third Ward, NRG, Medical Center, Bellaire, etc.

Then Outside the Loop forum, sub-forums would include West Houston, East Houston, Southeast Houston, Southwest Houston, Northeast Houston, Northwest Houston.

And then one for the suburbs as before: The Woodlands area, Katy area, Galveston area, etc.

That way, discussions pertaining to those areas are in one, organized place.

The way you've described it, seems like it will be a free for all.


I agree with both. Need more forums for more neighborhoods, but the radial idea is a good way to further classify and helps to future proof further growth in the city.

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