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New Sugar Land Restaurants


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What new restaurants would you like to see in these two new developements (Town Square and FC Mall Restaurant Plaza)? Here are a few I'd like to see:

The Grotto


Goode Co.

It looks like the new Town&Country mall is trying to get the Grotto bid, so I'm sure Goode Co. wouldn;t mind being out there, I don;t know much about Brio, so I can't comment.

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Grotto would be nice in the FC Mall restaurant plaza. Do they have plans to open any other locations in Houston? I noticed they closed the Woodway location after they opened the Galleria Restaurant.

I would like to see Escalante's in Town Square. I am somewhat surprised they have not opened one already. It seems that Cafe Express and Escalantes are located in close proximity to each other all over town.

I wouldn't mind a Denis' Seafood, Red Lobster just doesn't cut it. I did notice they are getting a Fish City Grill in Town Square, but it sounds like it will be a little bit more casual and semi fast food.

And last but not least, FreeBirds.

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I would love to see Freebirds also, however they're about to open Chipotle in Town Square, probably in the next 2 weeks. I doubt Freebirds would open that close to a Chipotle, plus Freebirds doesn't seem like the suburban type.

I also like the idea of Denis' Seafood and Escalante.

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