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Third Ward bikeway system proposal and implementation

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17 minutes ago, wilcal said:

I mean, we're talking about 2 blocks of sharrows to Columbia Tap. It's not exactly the sahara desert. There aren't any streets in the north side of the third that are wide enough all of the way to CT, with McGowen being too narrow in Midtown. 


absolutely, it is far from the end of the world! compromises have to be made.


not to mention, there is Hutchins, Blodgett and Cleburne streets in this plan? this area is going to be one of the better bike friendly areas in the city.




In regards to what street to run downtown to Museum district, from my very limited understanding of what's happening behind the doors, powerful downtown groups, lets say some people near the intersection of Congress and Caroline, wanted it to be built on Austin. 


As far as the doglegs, that came from requests from Museum district stakeholders. Crawford is a great spot to enter the park area and they'll supposedly be adding a four-way stop there which is greatly needed. 


as someone who is a cyclist and bikes from Hermann park to downtown often, I am just saying, I wish it were on Caroline from park to HCC, then dogleg to Austin. 


I get it, powerful people make stupid decisions, but that doesn't mean I can't lament their decision.


I'll also likely continue to use Caroline, rather than the Crawford/LaBranch/Austin corridor.


anyway, this is for the 3rd ward lanes, I don't want to muddy the waters, it was just an example that decisions are made using information we don't all have access to.

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19 minutes ago, cspwal said:


And the bikeway planning people probably weren't allowed to propose street widening - the ROW is wide enough there but it would require a complete redo of the street




There's just no funding. These projects were from the $10 million in funding from Rodney Ellis and were supposed to be spent in a year and to maximize the amount of lanes built. Basically, paint and armadillos only. 

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