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Houston - Shot on Medium Format Film


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Sometimes, to go forward, we have to go backward! I've been shooting Houston for years now, but recently I've made the jump into learning how to shoot medium format film. These are just some of the many photographs that I shot on my Yashica 635 6x6 camera--all developed by my hand in my makeshift darkroom at home.













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well done series.


if I can offer some advice that is especially true of film (but translates well to digital), make sure you have your shot framed as you want it before you make your exposure, pay close attention to details.


shot 2 has a horizon that is higher on the left side than the right, which indicates that the camera wasn't level with the horizon when you took your exposure.



extra time spent framing the shot will pay off after you develop.


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Very nice! I love the look of medium format film, especially the black and white photos. The photos of Esperson in particular are very crisp with just the right contrast. Reminds me of the Story Sloane photo collection. Now of course, if you went to large format, then you could really straighten out some of those vertical lines in the architectural photographs. But medium format still gets them pretty straight, and might be the happy medium...


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