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The World's Fastest Computer, Opening 1Q 2019

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In a year when Dallas became the largest datacenter market other than global leader Northern Virginia, Houston did get an interesting investment. 

While everyone was watching the Aussies do residential construction in Midtown, a group from Perth has shot for the moon out in the Energy Corridor.


Despite some early computation sites like JSC Building 12, Exxon's fourteenth (really thirteenth) floor downtown, and the Welton Becket-designed Shell Information Center, Houston is not one of the Southwest's biggest data center markets, but in the last decade there have at least been more and more colocation options for users that don't want to build and operate their own facilities.  Now the Dallas investors behind Skybox Datacenters have signed a contract to host DownUnder GeoSolutions' second local supercomputing cluster at Skybox's existing six-inch-thick-concrete-roofed site on the Katy Prairie.  The 40,000 servers will be submerged in fluid instead of running cooling fans and will be supplied with 15 MW of power to run oil & gas exploration imaging services for hire.  DownUnder projects that it will be up and running in February and will become the world's fastest computer.  Not that the NSA hasn't been running something for more than five years which draws 65 MW...

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