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Seller’s Home Prep Recommendations
from an Home Inspector’s prespective!

After an officer for 30 years in the U.S. Army I learned several lessons, one important lesson was:

“Failure To Plan Is Planning To Fail”

Take control of your home presentation, no one knows your home better than you!

  • Disclose all facts about the home, but equally inform buyers about home features and upgrades.

  • Please ask the home owner to leave the home during inspection.


  • Kennel or remove all pets and remove all pet stains and odors.


  • Compile a “Show & Tell” home book including all items such as home plans, surveys, plots, itemized upgrades and features, services records and warranties.


  • Bottled water, snacks and chocolates with a welcome note to all potential buyers is a plus.


  • Ensure the key provided in the Supra or combo box actually opens the door.  Opening locks with newly cut keys is often difficult.


  • Set thermostats in the home at a comfortable setting, and turn lights on in occupied homes.  Coming in to a extremely hot or cold home leads a buyer to believe something may be wrong with the HVAC system. 


  • Soothing music seems to relax the atmosphere.


  • If the home’s upgrade budget is limited, I recommend focusing on key areas like kitchen and baths. 


  • Do not ignore things such as home cleaning, pet damage, stains and odors, exterior water damage & rot, roof leaks/repairs and painting.


  • Nothing scares a potential buyer more than major component issues such as: roof leaks, roof damage, plumbing or electrical issues and foundation settlement.


  • Ensure all utilities to the home, both inside and out are on.  Nothing frustrates the buyer more than delays and incomplete inspections. 


  • Ensure hot water heater & furnace are on.  Inspections cannot be completed if utilities or components are not on and operational.


  • Flush stale water and sediment from hot water heater.  This is done simply by attaching a water hose to the hose bib (drain faucet) at the base of the heater.  Run the open end of the hose to a near bathtub or exterior and drain the heater for 30 minutes.  This may prevent you from having to replace the hot water heater when all it needs is a thorough flushing.


  • Make all home systems accessible: HVAC, Hot Water Heaters, Sprinkler Control Panel and Electrical Panel.  Do not block electrical and sprinkler panels with stored items in garage.


  • If you have a hidden system such as a hot water heater, disclose their location.  Remove panels and items that block or hide hot water heater and electrical panels.


  • Ensure all attic and crawl spaces are accessible.  Inaccessible areas or components can delay the inspection thus delaying the selling process of your home.


  • Remove all stored items from attic.


  • Remove vehicles and clutter from garage when possible.  Buyers want to see as much of the home during there visit as possible.


  • Leave 4-5 inches of foundation slab face visible for inspection, avoid piling mulch too high on slab face.


  • Trim hedges and cut grass, weeds & foliage.  These simply things speak volumes for overall property maintenance.


  • Correct lawn drainage issues.  Water pooling in areas around the home can cause undue concerns for the buyer.


  • Make sure home is clean and presentable and free of clutter.  Please do your dishes and remove dirty clothes from view.  No one wants to see another person’s dirty under clothes.


  • Insect & rodent infestations are a turning off for potential buyers.  I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen potential buyer’s displace concerns about rodent and pest infestations.



ATEX Inspects, LLC

Robert Welch

TREC 9292

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