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Camden Midtown Future: Multifamily For Midtown


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Does anyone know who this belongs to or what they plan on doing with it? Its amazing this much vacant land is still, well, vacant right next to downtown and midtown. I've driven around in it before and I can tell there used to be houses there... but what was it all bulldozed for?

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I believe Camden has broken ground on its development here. It should help to connect the 4th Ward to Midtown. I heard that retail is going to be integrated, running down a street that will geographically run between and thus connect Midtown/West Gray @ Bagby areas.

Now, if Camden would just break ground on the huge Superblock Development off Main Street, that would help unite East and West Midtown, help "legitimize" the light rail to its constant critics (one of which I am not), and catalyze more development. Help us Camden! Help the city that you call home ! :)

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  • The title was changed to Camden Midtown Future: Multifamily For Midtown

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