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Hanover Autry Park: Mixed-Use At Allen Parkway & W. Dallas St.


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On 12/28/2022 at 11:45 AM, IntheKnowHouston said:

I'm not for certain, but maybe Berg Hospitality Group has plans for a Vietnamese restaurant? It's possible the concept could be another dining option for Autry Park.

A few weeks ago, Berg Hospitality Group filed a trade name for Maison Viet. 


On 2/10/2023 at 2:42 AM, IntheKnowHouston said:

So, a cocktail bar and lounge is only one part of Maison Viet. Berg Hospitality Groups' new concept at Autry Park will also include a men's clothing and/or accessories boutique. Interesting.

There is an Instagram account for Maison Viet. Also, there is a registered web domain.

Maison Viet is a Berg Hospitality Group concept. It's a haberdashery with a speakeasy. Located at 811 Buffalo Park Dr, Suite 110, the men's clothing / accessories boutique is one of several ground level retail at Hanvover Autry Park.



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Serious question- what is taking so long for these tenants to move into Autry Park & Regent Square?

I don't remember City Centre and River Oaks District having such a hard time finding tenants.

Covid is no longer an excuse...nor is the economy.  The malls and other similar developments are packed right now!

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On 9/1/2023 at 9:40 AM, Montrose1100 said:

Patiently waiting for the day we see more highrises on the north side of the Bayou.

Would be dramatically hastened by securing an easement for a "hike and bike HOV lane" in the Memorial Drive median from Detering to Westcott and then from Westcott to Crestwood (to connect BBP, Spotts/Cleveland and Spencer M Clements parks directly into Memorial Park), no?

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Every single person I talk with said the reason it's slow going is getting permits. One guy said it took him 8 months to get a permit. At one of the Planning Commission meetings they said they have half the staff they used to have.

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If it couldn't be done due to all the curb cut movements then like an HOV flyover it would require an elevated approach, though the project need not look like linear overpass columns being inserted in the median.  A more artful approach could take inspiration from the arcs of a stone skipped on the bayou surface nearby, and consist of filigreed supports that arch from median island to median island with walkway "hills" slowly rising and falling on top for the walkers and joggers and other people to enjoy 

Oops, thought that it was going to add my comment into my recent one.  Good info though hindesky

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Annabelle / Annabelle Brasserie opens October 18 to the general public. 

The latest dining concept from Berg Hospitality Group is located at 811 Buffalo Park Dr, Ste 100. It's one of the ground floor retail at Hanover Autry Park in the Autry Park mixed-use development.

CultureMaps has more on the design in an article published today:

To create a properly Parisian environment for the almost 6,000-square-foot restaurant, Berg worked with Houston designer Gail McCleese of Sensitori. Details include vintage lighting and mirrors, a bronze female sculpture, and marble floors. A flower-covered ceiling is sure to become the next must-photo interior for every influencer in the city, as is the vintage Citroën truck at the entrance.

Other details include a 12-seat bar, a sunroom with its own 6-seat bar, patios that look out onto the bayou, and a private room that can accommodate 20 people. 


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