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Paris In February

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I will be travelling to Paris in February where I plan on proposing to my girlfriend. I would like for some recommendations about places to see, restaurants to try and other advice (and possibly a good place to propose). I'm not interested in proposing at the top of the Eiffel Tower like Tom Cruise, nor am I planning on proposing in a restaurant or crowded place.


Sorry, I totally created this topic in the wrong category.

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The Carrousel Arc de Triomphe in the Louve Gardens. Beautiful and wide open enough so you'll have plenty of space to run away if she says no or to dance when she says "Oui"!! :)



From the Grand Bassin to Place de la Concorde-same as what I said above...very romantic :wub:


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The park by the Louvre and the Place de la Concorde were the first two places I thought of as well. Another idea is Montmartre. The view is great, and the neighborhood is very quaint and romantic. The risk is that she will be out of breath after climbing up there, and be unable to answer. B)

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The night boat cruises through the city are an amazing way to see the city.

Bofinger is a great restaurant. One of the oldest in the city I believe.

There are great parks all around Paris that would be wonderful for a picnic and/or a proposal. Grab some cheeses, bread, fruit and wine from any shop on the street and enjoy a wonderful meal.

One park I remember was in front of Victor Hugo's paris apartment. I can't remember the name of the park. But I do remember many great parks around the city. They aren't as touristy or crowded as the park around the Eiffel Tower.

Only downside of being outside is I think it could be quite cold in Feb. But all the more reason to cuddle up with the one you love.

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Just go to the Paris Casino in Vegas, kill two birds with one stone.

Good luck brother, if she says no, tell her that's a shame, I had this return ticket for you, but I guess I'll just go cash it, and get drunk.

Don't be nervous, and don't let on about your intentions. BE LIKE FONZIE...............and how is Fonzie ? Coooooooooooooooooooooooollllll !

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I've returned with good news....

....she said yes.

It was our first time to Paris, and France in general. I was expecting rude people, bad food and long lines for the Eiffel Tower. I was ultimately surprised with the excellent food, friendly people and no lines for the Eiffel Tower (at least when we went on a Saturday night). We stayed in the Marais District and were pleased with our hotel location (even though the room is smaller than my kitchen).

We ate steak and frites there, and loved it. The wine was great of course, and surprisingly cheap.

I proposed in the park east of the Eiffel at around 8 pm with the tower fully sparkled...



my babe at a fountain near the Louvre


Champs Elysees


Notre Dame


Moulin Rouge


Jim Morrison's grave


Sacre Coeur


This photo was taken about two minutes before I proposed.

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I'm glad she said yes, but trying to insert the picture of the good lookin babe ? Pure cheese dude. To think I actually had soem respect for you. You just blew my whole image of you.

C'mon, nobody marries girl that look like that, wait a sec. I got it, "trophy wife" gotcha bro, I give it 3..... 4 years tops, then she gets the car, the house, and the timeshare in Florida. You get the bills, and become a raging alcoholic, working 2 jobs to pay for it all until she falls in love with her boss and she can finally quit working and enjoy the life that YOU couldn't give her. God, I feel so awful for you bro'. If you need to talk about it, I'm here for ya man. Keep strong ! :(

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TJones...right on man, thanks for convincing me to come clean with the pictures. I'm a little embarrassed to show my fiance's face to everyone, hence her hand is covering most of it in the black and white version above....so I coaxed her with a little Boones Farm and she let me post her glamour shot....



Regardless, thanks for your appreciation of my "trophy" fiance and all your best wishes. If she does take my car, house and dog...I'll be on North Shepherd looking for work with a few day-labor business associates, wearing my Thundercats T-shirt.

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