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EKO Atlantic City, Nigeria

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2 hours ago, ekdrm2d1 said:

I've seen this a few years ago?


Nigeria has been getting wealth from China right? China has been investing billions on infrastructure, etc. Maybe I'm thinking of something else.


Looks great, but it sure will be lots of work!


I would bet that Chinese money is in there somewhere. They have been spreading investment out around the globe a lot recently. Seems like a big step for Nigeria, if it comes to pass, hopefully it helps everyone out. 

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4 hours ago, DH3 said:

Will it make Nigeria a major tourist destination like Dubai did for the United Arab Emirates.  

No. It will never live up to the billing, and there's not enough money there to make it work the way things work in Dubai.

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Oh my

I lived in Lagos just after 9/11, when literally there wasn’t a single traffic light -really not one traffic signal in the largest  city in Africa. I am told that at least has been installed since I departed.

Still it strains my imagination that there would ever be enough money thrown at Nigeria to alleviate the traffic chaos. When I lived there, most Nigerians spent around 25% of their day involved in traffic. Even after all this time and a best case scenario(rare in Nigeria, where Murphy’s Law seems tailor made for what goes on)   of of cutting time spent in traffic down by 50%........not many tourist would find that appealing, no matter how pretty those towers are.

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