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West Ave - Kirby @ Westheimer - Retail and residential complex

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On 9/17/2018 at 5:21 PM, intencity77 said:

What was wrong with West Avenue?  “Shops at Arrive” sounds nonsensical. 


Name, definitely stupid. Reeks of board room committee thinking.


On 9/23/2018 at 9:45 AM, CrockpotandGravel said:


I agree. Shops at Arrive is horrible. West Ave sounds cool and refined at the same time. It fits and works. But Shops at Arrive? Or Arrive? It's a horrible name.

What's wrong with this development is there is nothing to drive foot traffic. Everything is facing inside and not the street. The entrances should face the street. That's the flaw in their design, not the name.


It definitely is a product of its time. That era here in Houston was a very awkward moment when developers were still trying to figure out what New Urbanism might look like in Houston. There just wasn't a lot to gauge from in this context, and there wasn't a mentality of looking for precedents elsewhere. Its a mishmash of so many different ideas like they threw a bunch of them on the wall and apparently all of them stuck. 


An easy quick fix would be to turn all the entrances of each commercial entrance outward and turn the interior into a nice courtyard area. There are a lot of cool ideas they could look at from many different cities in Europe for this, as precedents. There isn't really a development like this around, and if they approach it right could be a interesting destination. I would also update the outer facade. Out with the Post-Modern faux style facades and give it a good contemporary reboot.

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Arrive is an apartment brand name (similar to Gables which had been on the property).  The property itself is actually being named "Arrive River Oaks" and so the shops are the Shops at Arrive. It makes more sense for this company and their partners, who has no Arrive apartments in the area to make their apartment brand the primary name, while it made less sense for Gables to do so, because there is almost a Gables on every corner.

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New high-end furnishing store at the Shops at Arrive (was West Ave) in Houston. It's Casa Houston from Giorgetti. STORE


On 12/7/2018 at 7:20 PM, ekdrm2d1 said:

Giorgetti opened a store called Casa Houston in the Arrive.


Photo from today



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