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Market Street In The Woodlands


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I'll go ahead and add in my knowledge of the situation. I graduated from TWHS in 2001, so I guess I was too old to ever join in the "stand outside the movie theater without seeing a movie phase" but from the looks of it, the kids hanging out at market street at the ones who used to do that. When that caught on as a "cool thing" younger crowds started showing up, so the old ones moved on.

It is something that really can't be explained, since it isn't one huge crowd, just an assembly of small cliches.

When I think back a few years, I realize that my friends and I did just hang around certain places, but really only somewhere that we shopped.

If you really want something to blame though, blame parents no longer being able to spank their kid in public.

I was given a good spanking, and I think I turned out just right. I won't get into my little brother though...(he wasn't spanked as far into childhood)

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On the most part, the teens at Market Street are there because their friends are there. Apparently, various posters here have different personal experiences in their own lives, regardless of generation. All teens easily get bored. I would rather my children be at market street than in someone's home whom I do not know. What pot smoking occurs is relatively sparse judging from my own visits to the complex. I have talked to store owners and no one wants to exclude the kids. Then too, no one wants the kids to get into things they should not. I see some posters believe it is the reponsibility of the parents to hold the kids hands. I am sorry, but a 15-16 year old is learning independence and experimenting with their social skills. They need to be among peers and not be supervised too close. Control drives them underground. Market street seems to have reached a point in their policing and policies where the extreme misbehavior can be managed and the normal teen can co-exist with adults. After all, that is what we all seek, is it not? Teens must be included, not excluded by adults. Every person whether a teen or an adult is different and relevant to o ur society. Most of them wo I know are excellent people, seeking their place in this world. We have failed to provide them a venue for this, so they have found their own. Thank goodness Market Street is trying to work all this out. Adults who try to exclude the kids from their presence are likely to exclude other groups as well due to a discriminating frame of mind.

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i don't think the posters in this thread ever intended to completely exclude teens. for awhile, market street was becoming packed with teenagers who were dominating the scene after dark. the families were leaving and the teens were standing in groups blocking sidewalks, yelling, smoking and sneaking up to the parking garage to smoke pot. it wasn't a bunch of snooty adults whining about kids being present, it was families and couples who were being made to feel unwelcome by the throngs of teenagers. my most recent visits to market street have been completely pleasant. i think the problem has subsided. the groups of teenagers frequenting market street these days are well behaved. i think it would have worked itself out eventually without market street's new rules. it was "the place to see and be seen" in the younger teen set for awhile. after articles/opinions/blogs started coming out and kids were caught smoking pot on the roof of the parking lot among other things. the rowdies moved on. the kids who are well behaved stayed.

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all is well. all is well. ;)

i have to say that i'm pleased with the current mix of teens frequenting market street these days. lately, the kids i've seen hanging out are much more well behaved and well mannered than before.

so, for the record, thanks. :)

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Our offices are in Market Street and I've noticed the hangout thing myself but I don't see it as a bad thing. They don't disrupt anything and haven't really misbehaved. They go to the movies and Tommy Bahamas and Cold Stone and relax in the park. That is pretty much what the place was built for.

Also, the "weed" smell, most likely, isn't weed. The area was landscaped with Salvia which smells a lot like weed. I've noticed it before and was with one of my contractors and he even pointed out where the smell was coming from.

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the kids were smoking pot in the parking garage until security got wise. one/some were arrested.

however, this was last year. i haven't heard of any similar activities since then.

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The horses in the Woodland do not excrete bodily waste. It was written in George Mitchell's secret constitution for the Woodlands to find these types of horses. Also, I heard that if you get close enough to them, they will smell not unlike the flowers in Heaven.

Did you honestly think that you'd ever see horse crap lying around in Pleasantville?

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