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12 hours ago, mkultra25 said:

No, but I'd like to know if the locksmith relocated somewhere else. Finding that out has been more difficult than it should have been, as I've forgotten the name of the place. 

That would be Reed’s Key Shop.  There’s another shop with the same name at 3601 S Sandman St.  I assume, but don’t know, that they’re related.

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This article by The Leader says it's being renovated. 




Renovations now underway off Yale
July 5, 2018 by Landan Kuhlmann Leave a Comment

Development – and redevelopment – has been a staple in the Heights for some time now.


And while Heights Central Station has drawn much of the recent attention, there is another center near it primed for gentrification.


Just off Yale Street between 13th and 14th Street sits a former strip center that S & P Interests is leasing for the property owner. The 16,000-square-foot building at 1307 Yale St. is underway, and according to the company, an interior demolition has already occurred, with plans for an exterior facelift in the works as well.


The last remaining lease – a long-standing small Mexican bakery – just vacated the premises in April, clearing the way for a full-speed-ahead process. As of press time, the company was unable to disclose any potential tenants signing on due to ongoing negotiations.


“The landlord will use their best efforts to provide the Heights another high-quality neighborhood shopping center with various retail and service uses,” the company said.

S & P tentatively hopes to deliver the building for tenant build-out in the 4th quarter of 2018.


For any leasing information or inquiries, potential tenants can email jsebesta@spinterests.com.


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8 hours ago, Eggplant said:

That would be Reed’s Key Shop.  There’s another shop with the same name at 3601 S Sandman St.  I assume, but don’t know, that they’re related.


It appears that they relocated to the S. Sandman location, as a little digging revealed their Facebook page containing references to having moved. Unfortunately, the new location isn't nearly as convenient as the old one was. I used them a couple of times and was favorably impressed with their knowledge and service, but I'm not sure that's enough to get me to drive over to Montrose unless there's an absence of other closer alternatives.

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  • The title was changed to 1307 Yale St.
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Leasing materials for the retail center redevelopment at 1307 Yale.

I don't know when this was last updated. I thought it may be helpful to include the link and screenshots from the leasing flyer for future reference. Many times the flyers and photos are disappear after a listing is removed.


https://images1.loopnet.com/d2/nq2Ujvbu-s8Y0nL73xxV9iB4uIJgFs5G4NS-sM09_ag/1307 Yale St.pdf





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