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Development On W. 25th St. & W. 26th St.

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Recently heard that Bruce's Plumbing - ( 310, 314, & 318 W 26th ) - sold their property to an unnamed developer (closing in Sept, 2018)


Any news on planned developments on the Rutland / W 26th / Nicholson / W 25th blocks ?


That is, the old National Flame & Forge site ?

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A replat of the long block face along 25th St (N side of the street, from Nicholson to Rutland) into a single unrestricted reserve was requested back in 2014. Not sure if it was approved or not. The block bounded by Rutland, Ashland, 25th and 24th is platted as a single reserve. Would seem to indicate multi-family, but haven't heard of any plans. 


Original thread here: https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/28671-national-flame-forge-site/

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  • The title was changed to Development On W. 25th St. & W. 26th St.

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