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Lucky 7 Supermarkets


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This newspaper clipping was in my grandma's treasures I inherited. She has probably 100 clippings. Even if it were friends of a friend, she meticulously cut them out and kept in envelopes. This is board of directors for Lucky 7 Supermarkets. She would have known Mr. Trahan whose store was in Denver Harbor and she knew of the Pasternaks who had Garden Villas Supermarket. My great aunt on my mom's side. Angie Runnels was the demonstration lady there. She and Mr. Aaron were partners in other ventures. She originally had the Jet Coffee Shop in Municipal Airport and their last venture was a catering company for the oil company jets. A box lunch with fried chicken, buttermilk biscuits & a slice of pie or cake. Her last job without Pasternak partnering was greeter at McDonald's on 610W & Fannin. She was in her 90s & legally blind. She lived to be 101. 



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3 hours ago, dbigtex56 said:

Is this the same Pasternak that ran a grocery store in the 500 block of W Alabama?


First thing that came to my mind as well. I've mentioned Pasternak's here in the past but it's an establishment that only current and former Montrosians of a certain age are likely to recall. 

I'm also assuming that the Frank Butera in the picture is of the Butera grocery/deli clan.

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So sorry it took so long. I have lots going on right now. I would think on the Pasternak subject I can't swear, but I'd almost bet the farm it would be yes. And Butera's definitely a yes. 

I was born in 57 so earlier history would be passed along by kin. I knew of the Pasternak starting about 5 years old. My mom's mother died at 30yrs old. Her sister I mentioned in earlier post was our maternal grandmother figure. I'm not sure who her partner was in the Jet Coffee Shop inside Houston Municipal Airport. Definitely her catering company was partner was Mr. Aaron. I have a little history on the Butera family. Now where I put it?  Lol. 

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I'll do further studying later. But in reference again to the Butera family, they are all directly related to the Mandola & Carrabba families. All steeped in our Houston history. My mom worked at the first Niday Funeral home on Bellfort. Next door to the funeral home was a Butera owned grocery. Had the best chopped beef sandwich I'd ever eaten. The meat case also served the delicious half or whole chicken dinners. Half or whole deviled eggs b❤️

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