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Looking for a New Home in Katy or Missouri City, TX. Budget 520K USD

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Hi all,

This is my first post on this forum so, please go easy on me if I have not correctly posted here in the right section. 

I'm looking to buy a newly constructed house in Katy or Missouri City Houston. I have a couple of prerequisites kind of a wishlist as most people do, hence for this I need help in figuring out what is the best option possible for me. The first prerequisite is that the house should be in a good school district right from first grade to 12th grade, the grading of the school is between 9 and 10. The minimum built up square feet should be at least 4800+ sq ft, ideally 5000 or 5200 for the house anything more is fine (obviously). 

I would like to know if there is an option to build a seasonal room in the backyard, ideally a place that allows a little bit of external Construction in the backyard. The seasonal room will be used for cooking (we prefer not to cook heavy in the kitchen). 

Now this one is super important there should be a media room which should be at least 27 in feet long and 18 ft wide. If there is no existing media room or if the media room is smaller I would like to know if that media room can be extended by bringing down a couple of walls or partitions for example I don't care for a gaming room I don't mind extending my media rain to the gaming room. 

A nice backyard doesn't have to be super big.

A minimum of 4 or 5+ bedrooms are fine. 

Three car garage.

The house should be on a little bit of elevation just in case to avoid any water clogging or flood. I like these things the bare minimum in the house there are other things which we can look into it later any real estate agent looking to sell the property let me know I can send my phone number over to you

An example I like this property primarily due to the media/gaming room space.



But has two car garage.

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