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Marshall Lake on Cypress Creek near Cutten Road

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Anyone know the history of Marshall Lake, just west of Cutten Rd. on Cypress Creek? (East of 249, N. of Cypresswood Drive)


The latest satellite image I saw of it, it looks completely dry, and I noticed the artificial flood detention pond for The Vintage is just north of it, wondering if it is taking its water?


Also, looking at some historic aerial photos, Marshall Lake is nowhere to be found in a 1953 photo, but by 1957 it was fully formed in the configuration it was in up until about the early 2010s. In the 1957 photo, there is a cleared earthen pad and some dirt roads leading away from it on the north bank of the lake, none of which were in the 1953 photo. Was Marshall Lake a pit for digging fill? I can't imagine any quarrying going on in this area, and from the pictures of the dry lake, it doesn't look very deep, so I'm guessing it was just dirt fill - or was there another purpose? Flood control? Though I can't imagine what would be out there they'd be trying to protect from flooding back in the mid 50s? Anyone have any idea why this lake was dug?

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