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Again, I ask ‘What is wrong with moving a book to a different side of the library or putting a rating on the front so parents AND kids can know if sexual of violent material are included?’


‘Don't you agree that books describing graphic sex and rape should probably be placed in the adult section instead of the young adult or teen section?’

There is nothing with that, and I think I speak for the board when I say that we all agree that explicit material should be placed out of reach of children. What is being debated here is over what is considered adult content, and what set of morals are being used to determine this content.

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another case, this time Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men

Jeffery Jordan's 16-year-old son is a junior at Atascocita High School. After reading a few excerpts of John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men," he wants the book banned because of its strong language. The book is on Humble ISD's approved reading list and tells the story of migrant workers in California during the great depression.

"I couldn't believe this was permitted at the school," said Jordan. "I just couldn't believe it."


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I read Of Mice and Men in middle school - I believe it was the 6th grade.

The book is perfectly okay for middle and high school audiences.

I remembered watching two film versions - One version starred a girl who looked like my 6th and 8th grade science teacher.

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