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Proposed Development at 2617 McKinney St.

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1 hour ago, CrockpotandGravel said:

How do we know this is a development that should be in the Going Up forum over the East End forum? Is there more information about what's planned here?

You are fast to put smaller projects in the going up forum that would be a better fit in the neighborhood forum. Isn't this forum for bigger projects like hi-rises, campuses, large mixed developments?



Well...if it's something not worthy of being in the Going Up! section, then it can easily be moved.


There's been a few subdivision plats that end up being for a small development, but most I post actually end up to be something proposed to go up, while others go quiet as we never hear additional info. 


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  • Highrise Tower changed the title to Proposed Development at 2617 McKinney St.
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Tiny Champions, the Much-Anticipated Pizzeria From the Minds Behind Nancy’s Hustle, Opens Today
Pizza, ice cream by the scoop, and natural wines await at the sister spot to one of Houston’s best restaurants


The wait is finally, blessedly, over — Tiny Champions, the much-anticipated new pizzeria from the team behind EaDo favorite Nancy’s Hustle, officially opens its doors today.


The restaurant announced that it would begin taking reservations via booking platform Resy in an Instagram post on Thursday night. As previously reported by Eater, Tiny Champions occupies the space at 2716 McKinney Street, and will serve up a menu of pizza that’s leavened using natural fermentation methods. Ice cream by the scoop, natural wines, and pasta, will also be on the menu.


The restaurant takes its name from the teensy microbes, or “tiny champions,” that make essentials like bread and wine possible. Via its Instagram, Tiny Champions has been teasing the dishes that will be on offer, like an anchovy pizza topped with shaved garlic, salsa verde, and red sauce, and spicy squid radiatore pasta with octopus.


Reservations for Tiny Champions are now open, and they’re going fast.

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