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23 senior living highrise - Tradition Woodway" at 6336 Woodway (formerly The Homey)

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Curious, is this on the site that once had a very large apartment complex that literally burned to the ground during a strong north wind that swept embers south on the wooden shingles?

It was the fire that was responsible for the creation of several new construction codes for roofs and firewalls in multi family projects.

The drainage ditch on the right in some of the pictures made me think of that project.

I can't remember how many years ago that occurred but it seems like it was in the 70's or 80's.

It's been too long ago to remember exactly. Or maybe I just made it up but it seems like there was a fire in that area.

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A little follow up.

It was 1979 and it was known as the Woodway  Square apartment fire and at the time one of the worst fires in Houston's modern times.

Here is a link to the channel 13 eyewitness news report. A side note you'll see a very young Ed Brandon, Bob Allen Jan Carso, Dave Ward, and the infamous 

Marvin (Slime in the Ice Machine) Zindler.



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