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2 Historical Harris County Courthouse


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Circa 1940'-50's Cnty 2 Courthouses in downtown Houston.  The 2 specific I have in mind are (1) Criminal Courthouse & Jail facility  (8 Flr's.)  w/a street address of 624 Bagby @ corner of Capitol w/old 400 yo Hanging Oak Tree in front yard, tree still stands today (2K18). Believe Bldg. was opened in 1927 & torn down sometime during the 60's. At the time (1940) Bldg had some 15 tenets in the Bldg. Source data does not indicate who occupied floors 6-8.     Cnty TB Assoc. was next door to it as a sm. stand alone Bldg.


(2) Harris Cnty Courthouse (w.Domed roof, remodeled 2K10 and still occupied today) @ 311 Fannnin tween Congress & Preston Str's. Had some 59 tenets in Bldg. at the time (1940). This Bldg is very well documented w/many photos and narrative reports over its century of occupation.


The old Historical Bagy/Capitol facility  has hardly any recorded history @ all.  This is the one I would like to concentrate on and ask for assistance from Peps familiar w/the area at the time.  Any photos, stories, narrative reports etc. would be most helpful. 



Source materials for most of my data:  1945-46 City Directory located @ Houston Metro Research Facility inside 1923 Julia Ideson  Bldg.








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