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Post Oak Place: Mid-Rise By Zadok Jewelers


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On 12/8/2020 at 3:32 PM, DevelopmentX said:

Does anyone know if Uchiko pull out of this project? Drove by this afternoon and see the For Lease signs Affixed to the rounded showcase restaurant apace along Post Oak. Hope this hasn’t fallen through- maybe just a poorly placed leasing sign for the office space. ?????

Plan review permit for Uchiko.


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that is great news...while i have never been to Uchi, it is some of my neighbors and friends favorite restaurant so it will be awesome to have this so close to work and home!


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4 hours ago, Urbannizer said:

@Urbannizeryou are so awesome! thanks for posting! 

I was actually coming on here this morning to say that i drove by and looked in the windows and wowsa...this place is just another level...even in the front window display closest to the driveway is something out of a magazine...beautiful couch/seating and display.

just WOW 


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Zadok Jewelers debuts its glitzy mixed-use development on Post Oak Boulevard

Amid cases of glittering diamonds and luxury watches, construction crews are scrambling to put the finishing touches on Houston-based Zadok Jewelers’ new mixed-use development, even as the family-owned store opens its doors to customers.

The Zadok family opened Post Oak Place at 1801 Post Oak Blvd. near the Galleria on March 25 after about 18 months of construction. The mixed-use project houses Zadok’s new 28,000-square-foot showroom — double the size of its previous location at 1749 Post Oak in the neighboring Post Oak Plaza shopping center — as well as space for two restaurants and office tenants, all of which were designed by the Michael Hsu Office of Architecture.

“My wife, Helene, and I have always dreamed of leaving a legacy to our family, and we could not be more thrilled to see our new mixed-use project finally come to life,” said family patriarch Dror Zadok. He added, “Just like the day we first opened in 1976, we want our new store to be an extension of our home by creating a warm and welcoming environment where we can provide professional and personalized assistance to our customers at a fair price.”

Jonathan Zadok, son of store founders Helene and Dror Zadok, said the family’s goal was to create a luxury destination on par with any of the finest establishments on Fifth Avenue in New York.

“We really tried to embrace the city’s push to promote a pedestrian-friendly environment here,” Jonathan Zadok said. “We’re as close to Post Oak Boulevard that we can be, legally.”

From the store’s two-story showroom, customers can browse among dozens of cases of diamond rings, emerald tennis bracelets, pearl necklaces and hundreds of other fine pieces of jewelry.

On the first floor, Zadok Jewelers installed boutiques dedicated to luxury watch brands Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, A. Lange & Söhne, IWC and Cartier.

“Our Lange boutique is one of only 13 points of sale in North America. You’d have to go to Chicago to find the nearest alternative. We’re also proud to have the largest Cartier 'espace' in North America,” Jonathan Zadok said, using the French term for “space” to describe a location larger than a boutique that isn’t a standalone store.

“This is one of the most important retail projects undertaken by any independent jeweler in the U.S. in the last 20 years,” Rudy Chavez, president of A. Lange & Söhne North America, said in a statement.

Jonathan Zadok said the new store will carry a number of brands that weren’t available at the previous location.

In fact, bringing all of the luxury brands the store carries together presented some unforeseen challenges, especially given that the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic made travel nearly impossible for most of 2020.“We’ve been doing everything by Zoom, which has been really difficult because the companies we partner with want to see the space and see where their products will be located in the store,” he said. “There’s some politics there because some brands want to be next to one another and some do not want to be by others.”

Covid-19 also affected the project’s construction schedule. A few construction workers caught the virus, so the project had to shut down for a period, and getting supplies from Europe was far more difficult, Jonathan Zadok said.

For example, the store has yet to install a Panerai-branded bar on the first floor because it was shipped from Italy, but travel restrictions have slowed its arrival.

While much of the first floor is completed, construction crews are still finishing up work on the second floor, which will feature a champagne lounge area and a design room equipped with computer-aided design capabilities and a 3-D wax printer for making prototypes of jewelry for customers.

“It’s a really cool technology because it allows customers to physically touch and handle their piece of jewelry and decide whether they want to make changes,” Jonathan Zadok said. “They’ll be able to make any changes they like before it goes into production.”

The second floor will also include a pop-up store area, where luxury brands from outside the jewelry and watch industries will be able to showcase their wares, and The Nina Magon Lounge, where customers can book catered events or gatherings

Heading into the back-office portion of the building, Jonathan Zadok showed the Houston Business Journal the store’s separate on-site watchmaker, repair, polishing and jewelry-making studios where experts were handling the precision work that comes with making and maintaining family heirlooms.

“We really are a family business,” Jonathan Zadok said, noting many of the store’s craftsmen come from multiple generations of experience with their craft.

Walking into the vault, Jonathan Zadok noted another construction challenge that comes with building a jewelry store from scratch.

“We installed the vault immediately after we poured the slab,” he said. “It was the first thing we built on-site.”

There’s a reason for making the vault a priority. At 45,000 pounds, the vault had to be positioned to the millimeter before the rest of the building’s construction could proceed.

Meanwhile, the other side of the development houses the project’s retail and office component, where Northern Trust Corp. is already working on building out its new offices.

The five-story office portion features 24,000-square-foot floor plates, adding up to total of 70,000 square feet of office space. Each floor has a minimum ceiling height of 11 feet, while the fifth floor has ceilings as high as 15 feet.

“We found that the higher ceilings bring more light into the building and give a better chance to look out over Post Oak Boulevard,” Jonathan Zadok said.

So far, he added, leasing has been pretty good. The building already has tenants committed to lease 70% of the available office space.


The building has also landed an Uchiko location for one of its restaurant spaces. Uchiko is the sister restaurant of Uchi out of Austin.

Jonathan Zadok said the family is in discussions with a second restaurant company but that deal has not been finalized yet.

“We’re so happy to be opening our new building to the public,” he said. “It’s been a labor of love, and our family couldn’t be more pleased to have the chance for people to see it.”

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Jenni's Noodle House is so casual and man i love their limeade and since it's almost a direct shot from my condo i go there often...however i have never been to Uptown Sushi...i don't know why but it intimidates me haha...

I will check out TOS as my condo is just behind it

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I've been doing take out from all three.  TOS delivers free in the area if its more than $25 dollars.  The last two time I ordered from them I had some friends over and spent about $100 , and had enough leftover to feed me for another couple of days. Just finished the twice cooked pork and the eggplant dish tonight. 


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Persian restaurant to take last restaurant space at Zadok's new Post Oak Place




Rumi’s Kitchen, which has locations in Atlanta and Washington, D.C., will open its first Texas location in Post Oak Place in Uptown.

The Persian restaurant will open this fall at the new mixed-use development anchored by Zadok Jewelers. It fills the last retail space at the property — the only other being Hai Hospitality’s Uchiko — and is the fifth U.S. location of Rumi’s Kitchen.

Chef and owner Ali Mesghali owns the concept, along with co-owner Stephen Kaplan. The restaurant sells contemporary-style Persian staples with small, shareable dishes and family-style entrees. In D.C., for example, it sells kabobs with Cornish hen, lamb, filet mignon, shrimp and more. Rice, pickled or grilled vegetables, and appetizers such as fried eggplant and wings round out the menu.



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