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couldnt have said it better myself MidtownCoog.

I dont care - didnt care about Beltran - I was disapointed when I heard of us getting rid of Kent though, his bat sure couldnt hurt now, but hey the Stros's are doing well - so I wont knock a good thing.

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If the Astros ever, Ever, EVER think about playing "Don't Stop Believing" as a theme song I think I would become a Cardinals fan. Or anything close to resembling that gay and wimpy song.

I remember that cool little tune they had back in the 80's.

What straight and manly song do you suggest?

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Wait, from my dancin days I remember Big balls in cowtown. But I guess the pertinent question is, Were we ever a cowtown?

Go Stros

When FOX did their video intro last weekend, it was set to ELO's "Hold On Tight To Your Dreams", which I thought was pretty cool and also appropriate.

Somehow, I think I am dating myself with this choice. :unsure:

Dating yourself is not a bad choice. At least its easy to say goodnight.

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I'm still trying to think of one. I really do like "What a Feeling". It perfectly describes the mood of the city right now. Local rapper Chamillionaire has his own Astros anthem out right now, but it's not something you hear and want jump up and scream "Yeah! Right on!" to. At least it doesn't have that effect on me. If they win the World Series, I hope they can manage to be more creative and play something other than "We Are the Champions".

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"Cum on Feel the Noize" by Twisted Sister.

Now close your eyes and imagine that echoing through Minute Maid Park with tens of thousands of screaming fans.

Ummmmm, that's Quiet Riot that sings that song Cheif.

I think "Cursed Diamond" by The Black Crowes B)

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The performer of the National Anthem for Thursday night's game in Houston is :drumroll: dududududududududududududududududududu.......

Diane Nichols from Muscatine, Iowa!

No kidding.



Oh my! I'm so sorry. That's an old article from one of last year's regular season games. I should have known better after the article referred to the Cubs. I thought it was a typo.

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Game 3: Michael McDonald

Game 4: ?

Game 5: Big & Rich

Just heard it on the radio. The game 4 performer got by me. We'll know sooner or later.

WTF!!!! Big & Rich is singing the National Anthem in Houston?!!!! I hope Paul Wall commits a drive-by! What does Big & Rich have to do with Houston, anyway? William Hung has more respect for the job than Big & Rich!

And I would LOVE to see Janet sing the anthem for us! Seriously! " :o ...And the LAND of the FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..... (insert nipple slip here) "

Oh, and here's a couple songs for da Astros Jukebox on da White Sox:

Ying Yang Twins "Wait"


David Bowie "Fame"

Afroman "Because I got High"

Green Day "Brain Stew"

Twisted Sister "I wanna Rock" (what's up with HAIF and Twisted Sister? :lol: )

Lil Keke "SouthSide"

and my personal favorite, 30 foot fall "F*ck y'all, We're from Texas"

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What does Big & Rich have to do with Houston, anyway?
Probably more than Michael McDonald and Jon Secada. If the Astros lose tonight and tomorrow, we won't have to listen to Big & Rich. Needless to say, I hope we have to listen to Big & Rich.
Gawd. Certainly isn't the Super Bowl, is it?

Yeah, well, I like Josh Groban, but their other choice, Lou Rawls, isn't exactly all that impressive either. But he is at least a Chicago native, I think.

I would have chosen Houston's Kenny Rogers, Destiny's Child/or Beyonce (I know, typical) and Kelly Clarkson (not a Houstonian, but a Texan). I like Kelly, the people like Kelly and she's talented. I would also have gotten Clint in place of those Big and Rich goofballs.

I wonder who will sing "God Bless America".

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The Paul Wall song names all the players and the year. The Chamillionaire song doesn't. So ten years from now, when the Astros are in the play-offs, they'll be able to resurrect Chamillionaire's song - but not Paul Wall's.

I'm sure Chamillionaire's producers did this for one reason.. money.

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  • The title was changed to Houston Astros

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