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Well I was feeling super confident

For a decent minute there I was sure JV would win his first WS game

And the Astros would win their first ever WS game 1 

#HOUbris always comes back to bite you! And you just end up getting #HOUmiliated

But am as confident as a Houstonian that we get it tomorrow!

And maybe JV can get the Lifetime Achievement Award for World Series Pitchers in the Hall of Fame. I guess Angela Lansbury never won an Emmy. Neither did Courtney Cox. Similar vibe. 

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I think the Astros will prevail, but I would not be surprised to see a seven-game series. Many people have underestimated the Phillies. And many of those who have underestimated them were either not around for, or do not remember, the 1980 NLCS. 

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Quite a few districts will be closed. I know for sure HISD, Alief, Aldine, FBISD, and LCISD. I think I heard CFISD and Spring too. 

HCC is closing as well

Who all’s going to the parade? I’m super hyped. I didn’t get to go in 2017, thanks to Harvey reasons displacing us and making things difficult :/ I’m so glad I’m gonna get a chance this time!!

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