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Blue Dogs

Casey Curry doing the weather for FOX 26 KRIV-TV as the TV Stations continue courting her

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Blue Dogs    49

Former Ch. 13 Meteorologist Casey Curry, who recently left the ABC O&O Station after 11 years, was seen today doing the weather segment for FOX 26 KRIV-TV during the 12:00 PM, Noon Newscasts with anchor Jose Grinan.


As of September 20th, there's still NO word of whenever Lisa Vaughn will ever return over there.


On Monday, Curry was guest co-hosting on NBC 2 KPRC-TV's "Houston Life" TV Show at the Galleria. It appears that every Houston TV Station is courting Curry very hard BIGLY & we'll find out soon where she lands.


Where do y'all see her ending up & give me your thoughts ?


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I think she will likely leave town... I think she just had a kid a year or two ago...


I find her segments... benign and... almost too wholesome. To the point where she is un-noticeable. Don't get me wrong... she's not bad... just... invisible.

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