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Westpark/Greenway Plaza Airport


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When I was a kid, late 70s, early 80s, I had heard stories of a planned airport for short-takeoff craft that was planned to be on the south side of 59 at Greenway Plaza, between 59 and Westpark. I think the plan originated in the 60s, but never came to, probably due to obvious safety and noise issues.


Had anyone else heard of this? I did a cursory google search and came up empty handed.


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Never heard of that. But I do know I once took a helicopter ride offshore and I was picked up at Westpark and 610, where the Loop Central buildings are now. This was October 1989. Actually, we had to sit on the ground waiting for quite awhile before we could take off because President Bush was nearby (probably at the Pin Oak Stables, if they were still around) and we couldn't take off until he had left the area. 


It was a big, empty field with one of those circular concrete helipads. 


There are some big power lines right there too, running east/west down Westpark. I don't remember if they were there in 1989, but if they were, that area sure doesn't sound like a good place to land aircraft. 

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The airport was to be located in the area of where Westpark now is and the now non existent street Navajo. It would have run from Edloe down to Weslayan. There used to be a model of what Greenway was proposed to look like when completed near the food court. This would have been in the 70's.

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