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65-Story Mixed-Use Tower - 600 Guadalupe St.

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1 hour ago, hindesky said:

They have one sky line, we have at least six. Downtown, Texas Medical Center, West loop/Galleria area, Greenway/Upper Kirby, Energy Corridor and Allen Pkwy/Memorial Drive. They do have some cool looking buildings I wish we could have but we clearly have way more high rises than Austin's Skyline.

Yeah true and it's not like we're done building for years to come LOL. 

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  • The title was changed to 65-Story Mixed-Use Tower - 600 Guadalupe St.
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We never saw the final elevations for this project, and the final height varied between 848' and 883' depending on the source.  But a contractor working on this project sent me the final elevations today, and the official height will be 874'.  (I tweeted the drawings and posted them on SSP.) Mopacs at SSP took some photos yesterday showing that this is indeed Austin's new tallest.  It will hold that title for about three years when the 98 Red River supertall passes it.  That's about how long the Independent held the tallest title until this project passed it.  A project known as 3rd & Congress is proposed for as many as 90-stories and likely 1,200'+ in height and would surpass 98 Red River as a future new tallest 




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It is said the building will have the highest pool not only in Texas, but the entire Western Hemisphere.


The penthouse pool will be the tallest pool deck in the entire city, at 830 ft.

Currently Market Square Tower has the highest pool in the state at 500 feet.

I live two blocks away from this beast, I can see it from our back driveway and kitchen windows.













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