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Spence Park Renovation

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Ran across this. Those running through this dusty corner of the board probably know it, but in case you don't, Spence Park is directly across the street from the East side of Kyle field. It hosts lots of organized tailgate parties on game weekends, but generally suffers from neglect most of the rest of the time. It's kind of blighty looking when it's not covered with tents. 


The plan in the link below is ambitious to say the least. It would be the A&M campus' equivalent of Discovery Green, taking a half-assed strip of grass next to a big venue and turning it in to a centerpiece. Not sure if anyone has actually identified how to pay for it at this point, but Scotch might if he  stops by...



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This is news to me. "Fitch" from a popular Texas A&M forum got the ball rolling on this, big time, he would likely know more details. This at least looks promising, even if vague.


From KBTX, 2015: Group Working to Add Amenities, Renovations to Spence Park, about Fitch's website(since taken offline as far as I know) and efforts to build momentum for a project.


From KBTX, 2016: Texas A&M quietly continuing plans for Spence Park renovations

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