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Sage Park At 2121 Sage Rd.


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1 hour ago, gene said:

Re: Sage Park at 2121 Sage-

rumor has it that no leases will be extended past 2019 to make way for a proposed 64 story office building... anyone have any information regarding this?

we already had to move out of the old compass bank building to make way for the new one on Post Oak...now this building is supposedly the next to go...

if anyone would like to have a building torn down in Houston let me know so we can move to that building to ensure that it happens haha! 



If this happens, this building would be taller than the Williams tower, right?  I live in that area.

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^^^ @gene did you guys ask the "employee with barnhart co." a bit more questions regarding his / her startling revelation?  this seems HIGHLY UNLIKELY that there will be a second edifice in such close proximity to the williams tower.. with the same floor height in the uptown district.  in fact, it seems ridiculous.....

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Update, thanks @gene


They just told us 2 months ago that they have now extended leases until 2024. They were talking with someone that apparently negotiations fell through with. So now we have had 2 new tenants move in...and they have been doing a few small repairs etc. Honestly this building should be knocked down and i was excited about the possibility of moving haha!

I will keep you updated if i hear more...and if you would like to delete the topic then i am of course okay with that if you feel that is necessary.

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  • The title was changed to Sage Park At 2121 Sage Rd.

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