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HCAD Property tax protest - where do I get my evidence?

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I am thinking of protesting my property taxes this year for the first time this year. My neighbor recently sold his home for less than my home was appraised for and my home is less sqft, less upgraded, and has less bathrooms. I think it should be a fairly simple case since his property is a good example to compare to mine 


My question is - where do I find the official property sale record in a format that HCAD will accept? Is there a place to go for property sale records, or do I need to ask my neighbor to give me a copy of an official document with the sale price? Is there any other evidence I should submit?



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You could look up the the new owner's deed of trust (which will have the amount borrowed for the note) with the county clerk.



Also check the tax histories here: http://www.tax.co.harris.tx.us/Property/PropertyTax

& HCAD itself here: http://hcad.org/property-search/real-property/


You will at least three comparables, essentially you need to do some basic appraisal/broker price opinion work. Good luck! If you live in your home you should have signed a homestead affidavit but that's not necessary to get the homestead exemption but if you dont have one already get one.

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