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If You Are Evacuating Backroads Are Key. Kirby To Huffmeister In 1hr 30mins

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I left the "Upper Kirby" area at approx 10:00am today. I had a hunch about taking Old Hempstead Highway and was pleased with the results. With minimal traffic (like a light rush hour at some points) I was able to arrive at a friends house an hour and 30 minutes later. I hit Hempstead Highway via Westscott. (Rice Military area) I ran into one tie-up (a light out) and took West 43rd back around to OHH. Drove it all the way to Jersey Village and turned left on some back roads over to HW529. I took this over to Jackrabbit road and got back on OHH until Huffmeister. Obviously time has passed since I took this route, but here it is as an option.

For those heading to the Woodlands try South Sheppard, Veteran's Memorial and Stubner-Airline.

There is also the Old Hardy feeder, Aldine-Mailroute and others. Dig up a Key Map or use Google maps to plot route between lower-to higher addresses on these local roads.

If you take a laptop and are lost find a WiFi hotspot to check Google maps. Here is a link to free WiFi hotspots in Houston:


Print this out and keep it handy.

Must run, helping friends remove WMD's from their yard. (you know Missiles)

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Geez, I wonder why more people don't take it. Getting home from Hwy 6 to Mason took about an hour (taking back roads) the other day. If I were evacuating from that area I'd probably find it worth it to drive *back* to the Galleria, hop on to Westpark, and get out to Grand Parkway in a very short time. I think this is something the news media should mention to the people going 2.5 mph at I-10 and Voss.

Anyone having any luck with those farm roads just past Katy? Like 1093 or any of those that run down near Fulshear or Richmond?

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The problem with the traffic is the mass hysteria that Katrina generated. The plan was to evacuate only the high risk areas. But everyone in Houston decided that the levees might break and flood all of Houston, so they started to evac at the same time as those from the coast did, causing a huge traffic jam. Of course there are no levees in Houston to break, Houston has survived hurricanes before, and as a matter of fact, New Orleans actually came out pretty well after Katrina hit them, it was only the levee break that caused all the problems.

Houston is 65 miles from the coast and is 60 feet above sea level. Why everyone is leaving is a mystery to me. At most we'll get wind damage, but the type of destruction we witnessed in New Orleans won't and can't happen. Heck even during the Alison Flood of 2001, most of the flood waters receded after a few hours.

I'm riding out the storm in the middle of Houston and I don't expect to much problems. The power might go out for a few days, but I don't think we'll lose water service. Really people, it won't be that bad in Houston proper. Now those in Galveston/Clear Lake/La Port, you need to get out.

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