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Astros season ticket holder parking/general parking

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With the freeway revamp a go the Astros will loose some serious parking.  Half of their season ticket holder parking? Also some parking lots below 59 that are used for games.


What is the solution?

1. Nothing, let people figure it out

2. Surface lots on all of the lots north of the stadium

3. Another parking garage


I have no insight here. Just asking about what will be an issue.


Does anyone have an insight into what the ball club is thinking?

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The owner Jim crane purchased some land recently around MMP, maybe he plans to construct a garage?? Although, I believe I remember reading that he bought the land to make sure future developments are in line with what's going up lately? Not sure. 

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On 3/31/2017 at 2:25 PM, nativehoustonion said:

When we go Downtown I take the 82 Westhiemer takes 10 minutes from Kirby. Some places want $40 to park which is crazy.  It is safe and $1.25 each way.

According to the schedule, it takes more like 20-25 minutes from shepherd .  Not trying to be argumentative, just trying to understand.  Does it actually take 10 minutes and does it stop at Kirby?



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If I were commuting to games, I'd probably park on the street somewhere in midtown near a station, and take the light rail.


As it is, you can park for cheap on the west side of town under Jones Plaza, or something and hop the rail to the ballpark.


Driving home yesterday, I work in Chase and live in Eastwood, I end up taking Rusk to St. Emanuel, which was a huge mistake yesterday.

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So what was it like on opening day, with a standing room only crowd? Were people everywhere and for that matter the first three games around the stadium with all of the new construction and the fingers apartments. I bet it was a high level of energy and buzz around the stadium with people pouring in from all over. Was the GRBrown disco area overwhelmed and were people out eating dinner in all of the new restaurants. Also how was Biggios crowd?

I wish I could have been down there to soak it in.

If someone spent the evening downtown give us a report please.


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I can't speak to the evening crowd, but on opening day at lunch there were people who were sight-seeing in astros gear. I left the office at 4:30ish, and there were already a lot of people downtown for the game, walking towards the stadium. Parking on the street in east end was pretty heavy. Not more than I'd expect for an opening day crowd though. 


There was a big block party at Lucky's pub that probably caused most of the east end street parking though.


The following 2 games were not as busy in the late afternoon. 


Granted, this was 2 and a half hours before the first pitch, so I'm sure on opening day it got even more active.

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Opening day report:


Rode in from work on the purple line; I don't remember seeing any Astros fans on the train, but it was also ~4.  Went to Biggio's first - it wasn't packed, but it was busy - no open tables, and ordering from the bar took a few minutes just from the number of people.  St. Arnold's was there with a "tap takeover" and gave out free samples of Summer Pils.  Every single person there was wearing Astros gear (though one person may have been wearing a Cubs jersey)


Going to the park, every entrance to MMP was crowded.  You needed to go through the metal detectors and show you had a ticket to get into the street festival on Crawford, but once there, there were food trucks, a bouncy castle, rockwall - why do kids get all the cool stuff?


Once inside, we hit up shake shack (4/5 stars, faster service than I expected) and then headed up to Torchy's to checkout the view from the new centerfield.  They did a good job with it, and those terrace seats actually have a better view than I thought they would.


Up on the second deck, they have picnic tables setup outside Torchy's, so you can eat your food not at your seat (before first pitch if you're me).  They were packed for opening day, but I bet that it will be pretty nice during most games.


Back downstairs, there was a "market" that I didn't go in that seemed to sell small takeaway things, including bananas.


Total walking around the whole stadium, I think I saw 6 Mariner's fans, and 1 person wearing an Astros sombrero, poncho, and socks.


I've been to the last 3 opening days, and this one seemed to be both more packed, and to have a better flow to the crowd.  During the game itself, you barely could see any open seats, even in the upper decks, and there were lots of people standing at the railings.


After the game, the streets were just one big party - Texas wasn't fully shut down, but still had a bunch of people in the street.  We walked south through disco green, and there were plenty of fans down there but not packed anymore.

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