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Does anyone know which station these 1960s TV weathermen worked for?


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In a 1964 story in my high school's student newspaper, it mentions that two weathermen from a Houston TV station are using data from a weather station installed by the math and science club atop the school. Unfortunately, the story fails to mention which station it is. I guess because everyone in 1964 knows these guys, so it was a little unnecessary at the time, but puts me in a bind as I wasn't around then.


The weathermen are named Tom Evans and Chris Chandler. Anyone know which station or stations they worked for?

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mentions KTRK, and here's a link with a Tom Evans reference at Universal Weather http://www.universalweather.com/about-us/our-history/

 Reference to Chris Chandler in the comments to this link https://bill37mccurdy.com/2010/08/21/early-houston-tv-programs-personalities/

IMDB reference for Chandler http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0151335/

Picture at KPRC here


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I wasn't at the Hellfighters Premiere in Houston, but several friends who were there told me the audience cheered and applauded when Wayne cold-cocked Chris Chandler. That's the reputation the cocky and obnoxious Chandler had in Houston. 


He was so vain and self-important that he got one of those folding "Director" chairs with his name on it and sat near the Director Andrew McLaglen behind the camera. He made sure the KPRC reporter and news crew got film of him "hob-nobbing" with the VIPs, but he got kicked out of that area when he started offering suggestions on how he thought scenes should be shot. 

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