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Trump Supporters Rally in Katy

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KATY (Houston Chronicle) – Draped in American flags and chanting “lock her up,” dozens of Houston-area supporters of President Donald Trump gathered Saturday morning in Katy to rally around the new commander-in-chief – even as counter-protesters demonstrated against him.

The enthusiastic gathering at the Fry Road Park and Ride was part of a nationwide series of similar events intended to strike back at anti-Trump sentiment.

“We won,” Houston Area for Donald Trump organizer Cooper Jackson said before the event kickoff. “That’s a point we’re going to try to make.”

Bob Holden, a veteran from Willis, came out to stand up to protesters who have vocally opposed the new president.

“Any anti-Trump rally is really a criticism of poor and middle-class working people,” he said.

“It is time to stop attacking working class people. Every time they criticize Trump they are criticizing the people who voted for him.”

Some in the crowd also came out to oppose mainstream media coverage of the Trump administration.

“You people are absolutely horrible,” offered one rally-goer.


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‘Silent Majority’ Turns out in Katy

KATY (Covering Katy) – Supporters of President Donald Trump held a public rally along Fry Road at the Katy Freeway, Saturday in Katy.

“We are supporting Donald Trump and we are supporting his agenda, said Steve Jackson who came to Katy to show support for the President and his policies.

The Katy event was just one of many organized pro Trump rallies all over the country on Saturday, and its location left anti-trump organizers scrambling to get their forces from Houston to Katy.

Anti Trump Forces Believe Katy Residents Don’t Represent Houston Majority

Only a handful of people who opposed Trump showed up in Katy to counter the rally. One of the protesters was Dr. David Michael Smith who said he was a member of the Houston Socialist movement. He claimed the pro Trump rally was held in Katy because the residents here don’t represent the majority of people who live in Houston.

“They (Trump supporters) scheduled this out in Katy where it is not nearly as representative of the population of metro Houston,” said Smith.

Smith’s words were not heard by the Trump supporters, but they would likely have been considered insulting had the President’s supporters been within earshot when they were spoken. Those who rallied in Katy believe Smith’s view of people who live in Katy is completely wrong. They see themselves as the silent majority.

“We’re glad that a silent majority has finally woken up to what is going on in this country,” Jackson said.

His wife Pat also noted that Trump supporters wanted to have a positive rally without causing any disruptions.

“It’s something positive.  We want to go out and support the U.S.A. and make America great again,” Pat Jackson said.


Socialist Dr. David Michael Smith came to protest the pro Trump Rally. He believes the people of Katy don’t represent the views of Metro Houston.

Others at the Rally echoed that sentiment.

“We are here to support our President.  God bless him. said Carlin Mothersbaugh who belongs to a group of Katy area Republican women.

“A group of our ladies started a little group called Katy Area Trumpsters, and we meet once a month to discuss politics and everything Trump,” she said.

We came “to make people aware that we are supporting Donald Trump and we are supporting his agenda,” Steve Jackson said.

That was their point.  They came armed only with signs, flags and messages on t-shirts. There was no violence and no need for police in riot gear.  It was just a roadside rally in Katy, Texas on a Saturday.

Pro Trump Rally

Anti Trump Rally


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