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Otto Mation

EDITORIAL: The Oscars and The Astrodome

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All that you need to know about Hollywood’s actors and actresses was on display for the world to see on Sunday night. They just read the cue cards, even when they suspected the information they were reading was wrong.

Warren Beatty had an envelope that said “Best Actress,” and inside that envelope was a cue card that gave an actress’s name and the title of her picture. But Beatty was told by his handlers that he was announcing the best picture category, so he handed the cue card off to Faye Dunaway, who also did what she was told to do: She just read the card.

Hollywood will blame the accounting firm that provided Beatty with the card, but what we saw last night is that these folks can’t think for themselves, and they are more than happy to spout whatever is on the cue card whether it’s a political message or the name of an Oscar winner.

Beatty and Dunaway are Hollywood royalty, and even they can’t think for themselves. If something seems to be untrue, even they just read the cue card.

Most Americans didn’t watch the Oscars because they were warned that it would be nothing but political opinion. If people want political opinion they were already watching cable news. Hollywood has forgotten the reason we used to love them. They provided an escape from reality. They are paid to entertain, not constantly pound us with their opinions. Even the mother of all escapism, the Super Bowl halftime show, is now a vehicle for political commentary.

Normal people don’t want to be preached at, so fewer people are watching the Oscars. In the key 18- to 49-year-old advertising demographic, last night’s show was down 14 percent from last year. And 2016 viewership was down from prior years. But there is hope. The Oscars now appeal to the same people who watch auto racing hoping for a car wreck. These people may tune in next year hoping for another disaster.

I don’t like disasters. If it were up to me Houston would seize people’s dislike for California’s Hollywood and take the lead in helping develop something new and better. Texas loves to compete with California, and now it’s time to do it again. Harris County should open its doors to investors who would create a new home for motion picture production. The Astrodome should be transformed into the world’s largest indoor filming studio, and nearby property on the other side of the 610 Loop could be utilized for smaller studios, offices and support facilities.

Imagine a new entertainment empire forming in Houston that hires actors and actresses who simply want to entertain and allow us to escape from the world’s problems. Imagine all the talent that’s ready to work but they’ve been sidelined because their religion or political point of view didn’t play well in Hollywood. Let’s bring the adults back into the entertainment industry in management and on the screen.

So, if you see Harris County Judge Ed Emmett, remind him that the county would not have to do major renovations on the Astrodome, it would just have to clean up the place. Let the next movie-making empire do the rest.

The 8th Wonder of the World was built to entertain — in the future it could entertain in a new way, as a motion picture studio that would make the movies great again!


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