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So what are the "buildings" based on posts?


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Well, I've finally passed the threshold to get a new thing about my avatar, the Neo-Classical Skyscraper (at 5000 posts), which I think used to be the Brown Striped Skyscraper (or something). I think I remember reading that they originally corresponded to the height of buildings (5000'), but what are the buildings pictured? I think the downtown Holiday Inn was one of them (already passed that).

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Well, after looking at about 34 different HAIFers (including myself) I was able to extrapolate a partial list (HAIF doesn't seem to have an accessible "member's list" anymore).


Public Park - 0

Parking Garage - 5

Billboard - 10

Bridge - 15

Drive-Through - 30

Strip Mall - 50

Single Family House - 90

Post Office - 100

Parking Garage - 150

Museum - 200?

Theater - 400?

Condominium - 600?

Convention Center - 700?

Mid Rise - 800?

Hospital - 1100?

University - 1200?

Lighthouse - 1500?

Hotel (this one is the Holiday Inn) - 2000

High Rise - 3000

Neo-Classical Skyscraper - 5000

Art Deco Skyscraper - 8000


EDIT: Boy I feel dumb. I think the Art Deco Skyscraper was added in later, as well as the Brown Stripey Skyscraper.




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