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Baldwin Pierce Crossing


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Anyone know what's going on at the corner of Baldwin & Pierce, right across from Komodo? There's an existing building with a "for lease" sign in front, I believe it's offices. 1916 Baldwin St, currently owned by SMBHC LLC: http://hcad.org/reco...���^&bld=1&tab=

I'm wondering what's going on with the empty tracts around that structure. For awhile the valets at Cyclone's were using them for parking but now the lots are all torn up, some trenching from the north corner of the lot south east to Baldwin (sidewalk is gone, actually, almost fell in the trench one night walking my dogs before they had fencing up).

1910 Baldwin (SMBHC LLC): http://hcad.org/reco...���^&bld=1&tab=

1914 Baldwin (SMBHC LLC): http://hcad.org/reco...���^&bld=1&tab=

211 Pierce (SMBHC LLC): http://hcad.org/reco...��^&bld=1&tab=2

The empty tracts all have hearings coming up next month. Just wondering if anyone knows what the plans are for these lots.

SMBology (looks like an IT firm) is the only tenant I can find for 1916 Baldwin. Justin Singer is the founder and president, he's also listed as the director for SMBHC LLC so he owns all the land.


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