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On 12/27/2016 at 11:44 AM, intencity77 said:

Interesting article but I noticed errors. The JC Penney store was never a Joske's. It's always been JC Penney since opening. Also, Dallas doesn't have a "Highland Mall" that would be in Austin. 


Foley's were known to repeat themes in their stores so there is a chance that Foley's at Northwest Mall also had a ship in their children's shoes department. 


I have many fond memories of Northwest Mall. I had many jewelry stores I did Accutron repairs for in that mall and I was in that mall twice a week for 4 years (1975 - 1979). I remember the Walgreen's or was it Woolworth's had a restaurant and it was a great place for my wife and kids to hang out while I was busy picking up and delivering my work. The restaurant had 24/7 breakfast menu & they had great breakfast foods.  





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Northwest Foley's definitely had the shoe ship, same as Almeda.


Between the two and a generation of kids (it lasted at Almeda for almost a decade) that memory comes up a lot.






And it would have been Woolworth's you remember. Only photo I've found thus far:



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Nice photographs. The Foley's in Pasadena had a train engine with cars that kids could climb on and through. It was the size of a miniature train, positioned in the middle of the children's shoe section, not on a wall. I vaguely recall yellow and orange colors of the early seventies. I remember carpeted rail steps, as well. 

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