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Shake Shack Galleria opens this Friday 11/04/16

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I LOVED IT! The burgers have a great char-grilled flavor and one warning is they are a little on the small side so i definitely recommend getting the double! The concrete i got was the CupCake Crunch one that was made with a Fluff Bake Bar  (Cup|cake Crunch (vanilla frozen custard, fudge sauce, Fluff Bake Bar devil’s food cake with pretzel crunch and caramel buttercream)...OMG! I love love love this place being pretty much directly across the street from where i live...it's exactly what the Galleria needed in my opinion! I have been twice already and i have a feeling it will be a once to twice a week stop for me! (maybe more...) ;)

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i have been to both multiple times at this point and honestly i like both... i like the flavor of the meat patty at Shake Shack better but Hopdoddy has the awesome Terlingua Burger which i love...maybe because the Galleria offers so many options for food, the lines haven't been as long at Shake Shack and it doesn't feel as crowded as Hopdoddy (although admittedly i go to both at "off" hours to avoid crowds (lunch before noon or after 2pm or dinner at 530 or after 9pm etc)). While i like the fries better at Hopdoddy, I like the concretes (custard desserts) at Shake Shack better than the shakes at Hopdoddy.

but again, both have their merits! thankfully there is room enough in houston for both! 



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