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Annoying Ad?


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95% of the time they're fine and don't cause issue. Recently when I open HAIF fresh in my browser (phone), there's a "congratulations you won money" ad. I have to exit the window and start over. Otherwise it takes me to another page.


I'm wondering if this is a paid advertisement gone awry or if my iPhone has an infection. But this is the only site with the issue.

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No changes have been made on the backed relating to advertising.   It could be coming from multiple places, people have unique ways to inject adds into a posting itself so its a constant update, most times its issues on our end systems, tricky to track and get rid of.  Please send any unusual activity to the Contact Us link at the bottom of each page, capture a screenshot when you can.  



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@HAIF.cares All day today I've been getting the exact same ad as Montrose. It happens when I open a thread on the Going Up subforum and it's something that's been happening to me for awhile now. 


Ive attached a photo of the page I'm redirected to. Would really love it if this forum didn't become a spam forum



for example look in this forum:  


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example for ad vendor
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thanks, here was the response:

(I've challenged the response, including your additional info above, and am going to open a ticket with Google AdSense also but that surprises me...)


Hi Zachary,

Thanks for the email, and please accept my apologies for the slow response. Our offices have been closed for a few days around the holidays. 

We haven't gotten reports on our internal scans for these types of mobile redirects, but have seen a couple instances stemming from AdSense this week. Just to be safe I've added the redirect URL to your account's blocklist. Should any creative have that as an associated landing page it will be blocked by our system. 

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Thanks ALL for helping keep the site error free.  

Here is all the info to gather in case you see a similar situation.  This will really help in a quick resolution.  


• A screenshot of bad ad/redirect 
• The exact URL you were visiting when you received the redirect (copy from browser the whole URL) 
• The IP address of your phone or computer (visit whatsmyIP.org at the time of the redirect) NO LETTERS
• The date and time (include time zone) of when the redirect occurred
• Device type
• Browser (safari, firefox, etc)
• Geo of complaints (North America, India, etc)


Send all info to: the contact us at the bottom of any page.  


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On 12/31/2016 at 3:56 PM, kbates2 said:

I have had it happen 4 times today

looks like the man with all the answers was on vacation.  thanks again for your help.  


Hi Zachary,

Thank you for your follow-up with Sovrn! I apologize for the delay in responding to your emails, the team member you had been reaching out to has been out of office for the holidays. 

We did locate and remove a number of the campaigns that were causing the pop-up ads to occur. Additionally, beginning on Monday, January 9th, we will be rolling out a partnership with ClarityAd which will work to automatically block bad ads in real time across Sovrn's network of publishers. This service does not need to be opted into. One recommendation is to pull the Sovrn tags from the site and reimplement them on Monday the 9th when our partnership with ClarityAd has been rolled out. 

Again, I apologize for the inconveniences caused and for the delay in getting back to you. 


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