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A Letter From Grandpa @HoustonChron Politics

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  Forum is open - per request from grandpa 


When the Houston Chronicle and other metropolitan newspaper Editors prematurely endorsed Hilary Clinton for President of our United States they apparently failed to consider these facts:

     1. The Obama administration has been a miserable failure

       --including debt hidden by "creative accounting" they have doubled our National Debt

       --adding to this each and every month, is over $40 billion of negative trade balance due to 

          their failed trade policies

       --part of this is for crude oil imported from Socialistic Venezuela, ruled by a dictator, while they have 

           done everything they could to prevent oil coming across the border from our friends in Canada

       --with oil reserves from shale we now have more oil available than Saudi Arabia but by mandate 

            they require alcohol to be blended with gasoline and pay grants and subsidies to get it made

            from corn which raises the cost of beef, pork, poultry, and corn syrup

       --by regulations and mandates they have decimated the coal industry and took the jobs of hundreds

            of miners, railroad employees and truckers

       --forcing Obama Care on everyone has made healthcare costs unaffordable

       --Foreign Relations are at an all time low,  Negotiations have escalated military activity, both present 

            and future, while our troops and equipment have been reduced

2. Hillary Clinton promises more of the same

       --more taxes

       --more debt

       --more mandates

      ---more of the failed Foreign Relations and trade policies that she was partly responsible for

       --more exposure of our "top secrets" on her private, unsecured server, and then lying about it

3. One of the topics  in the last 'debate' was "Fitness to be President"

       --The obvious answer is "NEITHER"

4. So what should we do about it?

       --voting for Hillary is unthinkable. Right ?

       --not voting or voting for a third party candidate is the same as voting for Hillary. Right ?

       --the Congress has the final say on any legislation. Right ?

       --so vote only for Conservatives, top of the ballot to the bottom, and depend on Congress 

            with support from we, the people, to keep Trump from doing anything Stupid. Bingo !!

5. Not everyone will agree with my analysis but if you do, send this to your friends, NOW.


                                                                    V. L, Scott




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Not a big stretch or surprise for the media to mostly endorse Clinton.  It will be fun to see how they spin the next four years of corruption and scandal.  Given the angst that drives much of the Trump support and that fueled the Sanders campaign (and now they can see that Bernie was right all along that the DNC was rigging the primary) there's a good chance Hillary will be a one-termer.  Can't wait to see what Comey has on Weiner's laptop.  I suspect he wouldn't have brought it up this late in the game unless it's something explosive.

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